Nate Weller

Digital Design + Development

Hello, World!

My name is Nate Weller, and I’m a Canadian web developer with a speciality in creating goal-oriented websites paired with streamlined and intuitive content management solutions. With over six years of experience in the web industry, I have become passionate about creating beautiful, responsive websites and web applications.

Let’s Get Technical

I work with HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript on top of a LAMP/MAMP stack when working with WordPress or a MERN stack when building web apps.

I write my HTML semantically, my CSS RSCSS-ally, and I use CodeKit to lint and precompile all of my Sass and ES6.

Design-wise, I use either Photoshop or Sketch for wireframes, graphics, and layouts.

WordPress Development

Whether it’s theming, plugin development, or app integration via the REST API, I love working with WordPress.

The Story So Far…

2009: I began studying web development, and created my first website.

2011: I began my freelance career as a web developer, creating websites for clients across North America.

2014-2016: Graduated with honours from the Digital Media and Information Technology program at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology. During my time at NAIT, I spent a summer working for Strong Coffee Marketing as a Web Designer and Developer.

2016-Present: I currently work for the City of Fort Saskatchewan as Corporate Webmaster.

My Work

Since I work primarily as a contractor for other media professionals and digital agencies, I can’t show you my best work here.

If you’d like to chat about the work I do, or see examples of work I’ve done, drop me a line via of one the methods below.

Contact Me


LinkedIn: /in/nateweller

Twitter: @nateweller